Rep. Ben Carpenter
Alaska House of Representatives, District 8

Four Point Fiscal Focus

The four-point fiscal focus is one of my top priorities this session. The goal is to open the door for conversation and help the legislature take imperative steps towards a healthy and long-term fiscal plan for Alaska. My areas of focus are (1) accountability and efficient spending, (2) settle the PFD, (3) economic growth, and (4) revenue generation for government. The four point fiscal focus highlights specific bills that would make statutory or constitutional changes to enforce the four focus areas.

HJR 2, HB 38, HB 190, and HB 194 apply to the first focus area. They would place limits on government spending in a manner that incentives economic growth.

The second focus, settling the PFD, sets to remove the Permanent Fund Dividend (PFD) payment out of the annual budget process.  As well as require the PFD to be paid by formula in the law. These bills include HB 110 and HJR 7 .

Focus three’s highlight bills promote economic growth and business tax cuts. HB 109, HB 277, HB 278.

Focus four aims to stabilize revenue with broad based sales tax. And to fairly share the burden of the costs of government with Alaskans, businesses, and visitors with HB 142.

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