Rep. Ben Carpenter
Alaska House of Representatives, District 8


Sponsor Statement


According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, Alaska’s economic growth is the worst in the
nation. It is imperative that we grow the private economy. One way to do this is by decreasing
the high regulatory burden Alaskan’s have when doing business.

In current law, AS 44.62 (Administrative Procedures Act) allows for the Governor or Lieutenant
Governor’s review of regulations, requires the Department of Law to advise agencies on
regulations, and requires public notice and public comment. There is no specific requirement
for Legislative review of proposed regulations, nor any action that the Legislature can take on
them. Also included in As. 44.62, government corporations are exempt from the Administrative
Procedures Act.

HB 278 would establish an Administrative Regulation Review Division, a vital mechanism to
ensure transparency, accountability, and efficiency in the regulatory process within the State of
Alaska. It also Removes the Government corporations’ exemptions from regulatory review from

The Administrative Regulation Review Division will serve as a permanent staff agency under the
oversight of the Legislative Budget and Audit Committee. Its primary function is to facilitate
thorough legislative review of administrative regulations filed by the Lieutenant Governor. This
will be achieved through comprehensive assessment of proposed regulations, ensuring
alignment with legislative intent, statutory authority, and consistency with applicable laws.

The administrative regulation review division will be tasked with several key responsibilities:

1. Reviewing all administrative regulations to ensure they properly implement legislative

2. Providing comments and recommendations to the governor and state agencies on
proposed regulations.

3. Investigating findings transmitted by standing committees regarding regulations inconsistent with legislative intent.

4. Promoting needed amendments or repeals of regulations deemed inappropriate or

5. Recommending legislative action to annul regulations found to be inconsistent with
legislative intent.

Furthermore, the Division will have the authority to examine all administrative regulations,
including proposed adoptions, amendments, or orders of repeal. It will provide expert
commentary and recommendations to the governor and state agencies, promoting necessary
amendments or repeals when regulations deviate from legislative intent or fail to meet
statutory standards.

HB 278 aims to simplify regulatory compliance process, ensure regulatory compliance with
legislative intent, and provide a mechanism for continuous improvement in our
regulatory framework. This will in turn create a better business environment for our

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