Rep. Ben Carpenter
Alaska House of Representatives, District 8

HB 179 “An Act relating to firearms and other weapons restrictions.”

HB 179 was created by Representative Cathy Tilton and I am proud to support and co-sponsor this piece of legislation.

This bill adds new law to clearly prohibit the state or municipal agencies from infringing on the right to bear arms during an emergency declaration.

For personal use, the new law would:

1) prohibit governments from forbidding the possession, use, or transfer of a firearm or firearm accessory,

2) prohibit the seizure or confiscation of a firearm, accessory or ammunition,

3) prohibit restrictions on the sale or service or a firearm, accessory, or ammunition,

4) prohibit the closure of business engaged in the sale or service of firearms, accessories, or ammunition or shooting ranges,

5) prohibit the suspension or revocation of permits to carry concealed weapons or refusal to accept new applications for permits to carry concealed weapons and,

6)  provide a path for civil action in superior court if an individual is adversely affected by a violation of this new law.

HB 179 can be found here.